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About This Website

Founded in 1998, this site continues to be developed by the N.A.A. as a resource for club members, and for guests who would like to find out more about our group and the enjoyable hobby of amateur astronomy. Our goal is to provide good, useful information in a clear, succinct form. This current version (3.0) brings us more "up to date" with use of CSS and other features, but is still designed to be accessible with older equipment. Graphics and other large downloads are still kept small as much as possible for the convenience of visitors using dial-up connections, but the current news and weather pages are graphics-heavy to make them more useful.

All content which is obtained from other Internet sources links back to those sources; we provide this content as an easy-to-use index of some of the most useful information resources currently available, and encourage our visitors to surf on out to these other sites.

The drop-down menu system is based on a nice JavaScript application called "HV Menu" written by Ger Versluis, which is available for free download at Dynamic Drive.

If you have any comments or suggestions, including links to other astronomy websites you think would be appropriate for our Links page, send them to us via e-mail at, or pass them along to us at an N.A.A. meeting.  Happy stargazing!

You can also connect with us at the following links:

  • NAA Facebook Page
    With this Facebook page we are sharing club information, event details and general astronomy news. You don't need a Facebook account to view it, but if you do have one you can "Like" the NAA page to enable you to post your own messages, photos and discussion threads.
  • NAA Instagram Page
    We share pictures on our Instagram page.
    You can view some pictures without an Instagram login, but to view everything you need a login.
  • @naperastro on Twitter
    This Twitter account sends automated observing event go/cancel status updates that correspond with those that are posted on our website's homepage the day of an observing event. You don't need a Twitter account to follow the updates, but if you do, Twitter enables you to push the updates via Text Message to your cell phone.

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