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This Evening's Observing Options

Welcome to the NAA observing options page.
This page is meant to be used by NAA members to indicate which observing site they are planning on using tonight. If the AEC is being opened for use by members this evening, that option will also be made available. The polls are only open from 7AM to 11PM.

Members' Observing Plans for 5/23/2019

Observing PlansNumber of VotesPercentageGraph
Going to CF: 0 0% Going
Going to RR: 0 0% Going
Going to AFP: 0 0% Going
Haven't decided on a site: 0 0% Haven't
Total Number of Votes: 0  

Vote Here

If you haven't yet voted today, you can do so here:
(Name can be any unique identifer. You do not need to provide your actual or full name.)
Going to CF
Going to RR
Going to AFP
Haven't decided on a site

See how other members have voted.

To delete/change your vote:
- Go to the Review Votes page (button above) and delete your vote from there.
- You can then re-vote for your new choice.

Clear Sky Clocks (to help you decide):

CF:Click for interactive version
RR:Click for interactive version


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