Catalog Window Key The catalog window consists of three main parts:
  -The Toolbar across the top
  -The Card Window just below it
  -The Table Window
  The arrow buttons take you to the first, previous, next, or last catalog item.
  The Sort field menu allows you to sort the catalog list by Title, Author, item Type (book, video, etc.), Catalog number, or copyright Year. Just open the menu and click on the desired field.
  The Index field allows you to specify a single data field to conduct a word search in: Title, Author (last name), item Type, or Subjects. In addition, selecting one of the two fields marked by ellipses (item Type..., or Subjects...) activates the Filter selector for that field.
  To conduct a search, type the search word(s)* in the Search blank. The minimum length is 2 characters and case is ignored. Then either click on Search Index to search the particular field you have chosen, or Search All to search all the fields of the database, including those not shown in the Table Window. Wildcards are not supported.
  The Filter selector allows you to pick a listed word from the active Filter field (selected in the Index field) and double click to filter on that word. In effect, this is the same as typing the word in the Search blank and then clicking on Search Index. The default Filter field is item Type... and the last selected Filter-eligible field (marked by ellipses in the Index field) remains in effect even when a non-Filter-eligible field is selected in the Index field.
  The Show All button brings back the entire database after you have conducted a search or filter operation.
  The Help button brings up this page in your main browser window.
  This window shows the data for the single item selected in the Table Window below it. The data is shown in a vertical "stack" in this window, in the following order:
Title Prefix
Title (Title)
Author's last name (Author)
Author's first name
Item Type (Type): BOOK, VIDEO [VHS or DVD], MAG= magazine/periodical, NOTEBK= notebook/binder, DISK= software/disk,
      REF= reference [not to be removed from Astronomy Education Center]
Catalog number (Cat#)
Copyright Year (Year)
Length: in pages for books, time for videos, or other size indication as appropriate
Subjects (Subjects): major subject headings
Summary: brief description of the contents of the item
In parentheses () above are the column headings for the fields that are shown in the Table Window. Fields which are empty for a particular item will be shown as a "-".
  This window shows the Title, Author, item Type, Cat#, copyright Year, and Subjects fields for the database. When you first open the catalog window, all the items in the library catalog will be available in this scrolling window, in order by Title. The window displays 16 items at a time, but pages up or down 10 items at a time. However, any Search or Filter operation (Search, Search All, Filter, or Show All) will cause the existing sort order as indicated in the Sort field to be lost**. Using the Toolbar commands, you can sort them as you please, and use search or filter to show only the records that you want. The blue arrow along the left column indicates which active record is showing in the Card Window. You may choose another item record by clicking on its number in the left column.
  * There is a glitch in the Catalog program: You can do a multiple-word search when you use the Search All button (i.e., you can put the phrase DOUBLE STARS in the search blank), but the Search Index button will only operate on one word (just put DOUBLE and hope there aren't too many other Double things). Furthermore, the Search Index button will only display EXACT matches, but the Search All button will display any matches where the EXACT search string (partial word, word, or phrase) is found anywhere in any field. E.G. SCOPES & EQUIP will match TELESCOPES & EQUIPMENT, but TRAVEL SPACE will not match SPACE TRAVEL.
  ** Second glitch: To re-establish the sort order that existed before a Search or Filter operation, first sort by some other field, then sort again on the desired field.
  We would like this Catalog to be of as much use to N.A.A. members as we can practically make it. If you have any suggestions for improvements to it, including noting where adding "See" or "See Also" would have helped you in your searches for particular subjects, send them along to .

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