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      Welcome to the online card catalog of the NAA Library. We hope it helps you locate the resources you are looking for. Be sure to take advantage of the Help feature to get the most out of your browsing.

      Only N.A.A. members may borrow library materials. They may request that specific items be brought to a regular monthly meeting by sending the Cat# and Title at least several days in advance to the club librarian at library@naperastro.org. Items borrowed at one meeting are due at the next month's meeting.

NAA Library Interactive Catalog

Help is available HERE or via the button at the top of the catalog window.

Your browser must be Java equipped to use the catalog. Visit Sun for a free download.

Library catalog accessed utilizing
Catalog View Java applet.

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When purple button at left appears, click on it to launch the Catalog in a popup window.

With this tool, you can explore much of the contents of our club library:

  • Sort by title, author, item type (book, video, etc), catalog number, or year
  • Search in index fields for keywords (in titles, authors, item type, or subjects fields) or search the entire database in all fields
  • Filter on known words in item type or subjects fields
  • Browse the entire library list through title, author, item type, catalog number, year, and subject columns
  • View the card catalog details (including description/summary) on any specific item

Is this your first visit? We suggest you read the information on the Help_Page to get familiarized with the catalog display.

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