N.A.A. Printable Observatory Visitors Form
Guidelines issued by the Department of Homeland Security require municipalities to keep a record of each person entering the grounds of water supply facilities; this includes the City of Naperville land which is the home of our observatories. Your filling out this form ahead of time with the information on your group members and bringing it with you on the evening of your visit will save a great deal of time that evening (and speed your group on their way to the telescopes!) Please provide information on each child and adult who will be attending. The information gathered will only go into the visitor records of the City facility, and will not be made public or used for any other purpose.

Group Name:     Date:  

To print this form, fill in the blanks using your mouse and keyboard, then use CTRL-P (hold Ctrl and P at the same time) or use the Print command in the File menu of your browser. Or, form may be printed out and filled in by hand, or you may supply your own list, as long as it provides the information shown above. To return to the N.A.A. Site, use your browser's Back button.