Wise Observatory Astronomical Calendar,
Observations Schedule & Observations planner

Month / Year /
Location Description
Latitude (DD MM SS)   north   south
Longitude (DD MM SS)   east   west
Time Zone Offset (HH) east   west of Greenwich
Daylight Savings Time (HH) subtract   add to time zone
Exclude JD and ST
Exclude Sun Rise/Set
Exclude Moon Rise/Set
Exclude Moon Position

From this sheet, a Wise observatory monthly calendar is generated with day number and moon phase in the first line. Julian day and Local Mean Sidereal Time (at midnight) in the second line. Sun Rise and Set in the third line. Moon Rise and Set in fourth line. Moon Equatorial Position (R.A. and Decl.) in sixth line. In case the rise or set are not happening in that day, a **:** is appearing instead of the phenomena time.

From this sheet you specify the calendar month and year. You can adjust your calendar to a given location, time zone, and Daylight Savings Time.  Daylight Savings Time is the number of hours to subtract from your time zone. For North America, Daylight Savings Time occurs from April 7 thru October 27.

From this sheet you can also exclude Julian day and Local Mean Sidereal Time, Sun Rise and Set, Moon Rise and Set, or the Moon Equatorial Position.

Note: For the original Wise calendar planner, please visit the Wise Observatory Astronomical Calendar

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