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Membership to the Muskegon Astronomical Society is open to all. Dues are $35/year with a $10 discount for children and senior citizens. To get started, simply fill out the following form:

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You can use the [PayPal BuyNow] button to pay your dues via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. If you do not wish to use PayPal, select $0 (no membership, interested in newsletter only), then use the [Submit Email] button. You will be taken to response-o-matic (free email web site) for verification. An email will then be sent just to us, so you can start receiving our monthly newsletter. Of course you'll still need to bring your dues to the next monthly meeting. You can also mail your dues to:

Muskegon Astronomical Society
702 North Maple Island Road
Muskegon, MI. 49442

As a member, you will issued a yearly pass to our facility located in the Muskegon Wastewater System. To receive this pass, attend one of our monthly meetings or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address.

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