Convert Right Ascension/Declination <==> Azimuth/Altitude

User Date / / user input
User Time : : user input
Time Zone Offset (HH) east   west of Greenwich
Daylight Savings Time (HH) subtract   add to time zone
Latitude (DD MM SS)   north   south
Latitude (DD.DDDD) (+N/-S)
Longitude (DD MM SS)   east   west
Longitude (DD.DDDD) (+E/-W)
Local Sideral Time (HH:MM:SS)
Epoch Year (YYYY) user input
Right Ascension (HH MM SS) "  user input
Right Ascension (HH.DDDD) user input
Declination (DD MM SS)   "  user input
Declination (DD.DDDD) user input
Altitude (DD MM SS)   "  user input
Altitude (DD.DDDD) user input
Azimuth (DD MM SS)   "  user input
Azimuth (DDD.DDDD) user input
Tirion 2000 page
Uranometeria 2000 page
Millennium page

To obtain azimuth/altitude, fill in the Right Ascension/Declination and click the [Calculate] button. To obtain Right Ascension/Declination, fill in Azimuth/Altitude and click the [Calculate] button.

Note: Formulas were obtained from the Paul Schlyter web site, Computing planetary positions - a tutorial

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