How this site was made



Why no frames or jazzy graphics?


I want these pages to load quickly and be accessible to any Web browser, including text only browsers such as Lynx. For that reason, you will find the main points of any graphs and diagrams summarized below the graphic. I chose not to build a 'frames based' interface because the amount of material here does not justify this technique. If and when we have three or four 'levels' of page heading in the site, I might use a simple frames layout to provide a 'context dependent contents list'.

If you want astronomical pictures, NASA have plenty! I personally prefer the ones which amateur astronomers draw for themselves. The human eye sees differently to the camera, especially in low light levels. The Regulus Astronomy Newsletter has some nice sketches of deep space objects.

There is no Javascript because I have not learned the language yet! I would like to provide Javascript calculators for each calculation as a separate page - but this is a later project.



Below is a list of links to pages about the tools and Web Authoring resources I have used while making this site;

Thanks to those individuals and organisations who have provided their software and knowledge for free. The gift is appreciated.

Blank page


Below is the HTML 'mark up' for a typical empty page in this site. If you copy the HTML to a file and save it, you can add your own content.

The Programmer's File Editor (PFE) notepad replacement which I use to mark up my pages can store the whole page as a 'template' which can then be recalled and dropped into a file. Other bits of HTML can be kept - eg a bullet list with about 5 items already set up.


<TITLE>Some page</TITLE>

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff">

<H1><A NAME="twig00">Some page heading</A></H1>
[<A HREF="index.html">Root</A>]

<!-- contents list with jumps and returns -->

<LI><A HREF="#twig01">Topic 1</A>
<LI><A HREF="#twig02">Topic 2</A>
<LI><A HREF="#twig03">Topic 3</A>
<LI><A HREF="#twig04">Topic 4</A>


<H2><A NAME="twig01">Topic 1</A></H2>
[<A HREF="#twig00">Top</A>]

<P>Topic 1 text

<H2><A NAME="twig02">Topic 2</A></H2>
[<A HREF="#twig00">Top</A>]

<P>Topic 2 text

<H2><A NAME="twig03">Topic 3</A></H2>
[<A HREF="#twig00">Top</A>]

<P>Topic 3 text

<H2><A NAME="twig04">Topic 4</A></H2>
[<A HREF="#twig00">Top</A>]

<P>Topic 4 text

<P>[<A HREF="index.html">Root</A>]
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Keith Burnett