"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC"

Key to Catalog of Solar Eclipses

Column     Heading     Definition/Description
   1        Date       Calendar Date (Gregorian) at instant of 
                       Greatest Eclipse. 
                       (Julian calendar is used before 1582 Oct 15).

   2       Greatest    Time (UT) of Greatest Eclipse, the instant 
           Eclipse     when the axis of the Moon's shadow passes 
                       closest to Earth's center.

   3        Type       Type of eclipse where:
                         P  = Partial Eclipse.
                         A  = Annular Eclipse.
                         T  = Total Eclipse.
                         H  = Hybrid or Annular/Total Eclipse.

                       If the Type ends with:
                         "m" = Middle eclipse of Saros series.
                         "n" = No northern limit.
                         "s" = No southern limit.
                         "+" = No northern limit and no center line.
                         "-" = No southern limit and no center line.
                         "b" = Saros series begins (first eclipse in series).
                         "e" = Saros series ends (last eclipse in series).

   4        Saros      Saros series of eclipse.
                       (Each eclipse in a Saros is separated by an interval
                        of 18 years 11.3 days.)

   5        Gamma      Distance of the shadow cone axis from the center 
                       of Earth (units of equatorial radii) at the 
                       instant of greatest eclipse.

   6       Eclipse     Eclipse magnitude is the fraction of the Sun's 
            Mag.       diameter obscured by the Moon.

   7        Lat.       Latitude where greatest eclipse is seen.

   8        Long.      Longitude where greatest eclipse is seen.

   9        Sun
            Alt        Sun altitude at greatest eclipse.

   10       Path       Width of the path of totality or annularity
            Width      at greatest eclipse (kilometers).

   11      Center      Central duration of total or annular phase
            Dur.       at greatest eclipse.

Last revised: 1999 Nov 30 - F. Espenak