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 full size This just shows the observatory from the ground with the roof closed. View is to the Northwest. Nice shot of the Pieramyd mount too, eh?
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 full size Same view, but with the roof open.
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 full size This is a shot of the center of the roof framing, before the roofing tin was installed. I call it "the spider". See the moon between the ribs? I made the center piece by setting my table saw at 18 degrees, cutting 10 pieces of 2"x4" to 4" lengths and gluing them together. I attached 3/8" plywood panels to the top and bottom with glue and screws for stiffness. Then, I countersunk 2 screws per section into the sides for more support. The 4" length of each section is to accommodate joist hangers for the "ribs". It turned out great!



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