Practical Magnifier Construction Principles

Making it work

From the pages of Exotic Research Report magazine, January-March 1999 issue.

This was actually a pretty good article from Richard Hull in Virginia. It talks about the magnifying "extra coil" setup Tesla developed in Coloroado Springs in 1899. Seems these folksreproduced the configuration there and found out a lot of things about how the system works-kind of a balancing act, as it were, something I've always felt when doing this work. It's as much a matter of "feel" as anything. Anyway, here's the article, eventually...

"One watt-second of power is not much. As normally thought of, it is just one watt delivered over a period of one second. Oh what a vast difference however, can be the manifestation of one billion watts delivered for one billionth of a second."

The Tesla Coil Building Community

Turning to the Magnifier