Messier Marathon Results

Each year, near the Vernal Equinox, there is a time when the sun is in a section of sky that contains almost no deep sky objects cataloged by Charles Messier. The optimum date being March 12. Many obsessed, half crazed, out-of-control amateur astronomers use this opportunity to abuse themselves, abandon common sense in a (usually futile) attempt to view all 110 objects in a single night of observing. The competition can be fierce, but is hardly ever nasty, given the hours needed to complete it, and the general makeup of those involved. Festive, mutually challenging, and camraderie are often used in description. While the pace starts off furious, it soon settles down to a liesurely stroll, belying the difficulty of the task. The event: The Messier Marathon.

Marathon 1999 results

Marathon 2000 results

Marathon 2001 results

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